Welcome to CrossPointe Studios

Experiences…they come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s experiencing a community for the first time, planning an idea for your next trip, or discovering more about a new business you’ve never heard of.

At CrossPointe Studios, our mission is to help bring these experiences to life through engaging videos shared on the most common devices we all use every day.  There’s something special about holding these experiences in your hands, being able to – with just one touch, discover something new and exciting.

Because something as simple as sharing an experience through video can have a ripple effect in any community – it can lead to new residents, new jobs, new economic development opportunities, new business for local businesses – it’s through these experiences that innovation is shared, sights and sounds are brought to life, and the viewer can discover something new, wherever they are.

From discovering the Faces & Places that make a community a great place to live and work, to finding TripIdeas for an upcoming vacation or weekend away, video is how people want to preview their experiences today.

And the power of videos extends far beyond the play button – it’s in the very nature of being able to share ideas, places, innovations, and resources with friends and family, colleagues and neighbors – it’s about connecting people to your story.

This is why we exist – we want to share the stories that matter most – because they are your stories.